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CAU Panther Brand Guidelines

Clark Atlanta University’s Panther Newspaper is a print and digital publication available to local residents, and students who presently (and previously) are enrolled in a university in the Atlanta University Center. The publication caters to over 8,000 students, alumni, and residents who are looking for news related to campus affairs. In my role as the Director of Digital Operations (2022-23 academic year) I spearheaded the enhancement of the publication’s digital presence. In my role, I developed a team of 10 to strategize various ways to approach building an engaging yet bold strategy. Over the course of 9 months, the implemented strategy and brand identity resulted in a 4.08% increase in engagement. Total engagements totaled 10,651 (compared to 2,451, in the previous year)

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CAU Panther Newspaper


August 2022


Internal Communications