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Social Media Content Development

Surviving College 101 Series

ClarkAtlanta University’s infamous motto is “Find a Way or Make One.” It’s a phrase that myself, along with many other students at the university learn early on during their matriculation. It directly relates to *almost* any student’s experience at university and encourages them to remain consistent and confident in their experiences. For most students, college is new unmarked territory; one that can be daunting following secondary education.

As a first-generation student, I developed the Surviving College 101 series to assist incoming and current students in navigating their approach to college life. The
2-part series focused on topics related to networking, personal branding, and financial aid.

It garnered over 130 views via YouTube and 243 engagements via Instagram.


COMMUNICATIONS & public relations

Internal Communications

2022 PDS Catalog

As a Communication Program Assistant (2022), I spearheaded the development of various internal communications deliverables, including the PDS Catalog.


Internal Communications

College Outreach Initiative Communications Plan

As a Communications Intern (2021), I discovered that the Library of Congress didn’t carry many resources or items catered to the studies for college students. As a result, I developed a communications plan to address this concern.